Useful Links

Eat seasonably
I often check this website and try as best I can to stick to eating food that is in season, or at least cooking vegetables at least once while they actually are in season:
I rely on their chart for seasonal inspiration:

Food Festivals
Food festivals can be a great way to get children more interested in food and are often a fun family day out. As I am a Surrey based Mum, I’ve listed the main ones in my area, but included some general websites for UK food fairs too.

Surrey Food festivals:

UK food festivals:

CBeebies: I Can Cook
This is a fabulous TV cookery show hosted by Katy Ashworth and aimed directly at children. She chooses different locations for each show and then cooks easy but tasty recipes with children helping, and all this with songs to entertain while waiting for the food to cook. I can highly recommend the cookery books from the series, but there are also a lot of recipes and fun ideas on the website too:

Fabulous food Blogs


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