Welcome to cookingtots! I’m Fiona, a busy mum of three who enjoys both eating food and preparing it. I’ve set up this blog with an aim to provide cooking ideas for busy parents who are looking for some inspiration in the kitchen and also now and again to tell you stories about my life as a Mum!

I love to try new recipes and to give things a go. I am often happiest when I am in the kitchen preparing food for the people I love, so I started this blog as a journal of the things I’ve tried, or I am trying in the kitchen. Some are a great success, and some not so good, but I hope that in sharing them I might inspire you to try a new recipe, buy a new ingredient, and even get your children helping in the kitchen too. I’ve found that my children will eat the most extraordinary things if they have had a hand in preparing it. There is also so much fun and learning to be had in the kitchen with kids – you just have to embrace the chaos!

Developing a love of food requires some indulgence too, so not all of the ideas/recipes posted here are super-healthy. I was brought up to enjoy a little of everything in moderation and I think it’s important to teach children this from the start. Avoiding unhealthy food altogether can make it more of a forbidden fruit, so it is perhaps healthier to indulge them now and again, but teach them about the ingredients at the same time.

Happy cooking with (and for) your tots!


I don’t believe that there really is such a thing as a Super Mum and this blog is not an attempt to masquerade as one. I do, however, believe that there are lots of Great Mums – those who do their very best for their children and make the best choices they can for their families. Bringing up children is hard work and everyone has different circumstances, so we can’t all make the same choices. However, we can help one-another if we support each other’s decisions and respect these different choices.

All of the recipes posted in this blog are either of my own creation or ones given to me with permission, such as recipes passed on from family. I never post recipes directly from cookery books or magazines, unless they have been used only for inspiration and altered sufficiently to call my own. If I follow a published recipe then I will always reference the book or magazine used; if it is a free publication then I might re-print it but will fully reference the source, and sometimes I will post links to similar recipes freely available online. Some of my basic recipes may be similar to a recipe previously published somewhere, for example a pancake or a meringue, but I never knowingly plagiarise.


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