Crazy birthday cookies!

This rather obscure photo shows 24 cookies packed into a paper bag for my daughter to take into school and share out for her 7th birthday. I’ve called them crazy cookies…

Traditionally my daughter’s school allow the children to take in a small cake to be shared out amongst the class on their birthday. My daughter has been at the school since she was 2, so we’ve sent a fair few cakes in by now. In her nursery year we made cupcakes with pink icing and sprinkles, for kindetgarten it was pink butter icing again with edible paper flowers on top, for reception I excelled myself and found so-called cake glitter and paper butterflies…only to discover -moments  after I had handed them in – that ‘cake glitter’ wasn’t in fact edible! So I had the painful task of re-calling 30 (it was a bigger class) beautifully crafted cupcakes – luckily moments before they were eaten, comforting my Little Wonder who was confused as to why the cakes had to be smuggled home without the joyful distribution she had anticipated all day, and then of course bake and decorate another 30 cupcakes to go in the next day.


One response to “Crazy birthday cookies!

  1. Can’t wait to get started. My grand-children are coming for Halloween and Christmas So I am looking forward to doing most of these recipes with them. They look appetising and nourishing and I know my grand-children will have great fun preparing and most of all eating them.

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