Apricot Tartlets


I made these apricot tarlets with my two year old son as a dessert to share with his friends when they came for an afternoon play and early supper. I followed the recipe from “I can Cook”, by Sally Brown and Kate Morris, so I will not give all the details here. However, I wanted to share some of our photos so you can see how easy they are to make, and it might inspire you to buy the book.

Cutting up the apricots using scissors

Rolling out pastry

Ready for the oven

This was a fabulous dessert to make with my son as it is more a case of assembly rather than real cooking, which suits his concentration span and kitchen skills…and he had such delight in telling his friends that he made them!

The final, rather delicious product (served with plain vanilla ice cream):

We of course ended up trying out a few ourselves with a cup of coffee, and my fellow Mums commented that they were as delicious as anything you might buy in a French patisserie. So they could make a lovely dinner party dessert too, if you were ever pushed for time!


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