Fairtrade Fortnight


My daughter had some homework from nursery this weekend. Her task was to survey a local supermarket to see how well stocked they are with Fairtrade products. We then had to purchase one of the products to take in the following week, to be used for shopping games as part of Maths Week. She was very diligent in checking for every product and either ticking it off or putting a cross by it, and we seemed to generate a lot of interest from other shoppers too as we traipsed through the aisles on our search.

We discovered that certain supermarkets don’t stock a lot of Fairtrade products and I also realised how idle I have been in looking for the symbol and committing to buying these products. It’s difficult with a family to choose the more expensive options over those better priced. However, having read a little more about the different working conditions and how the Fairtrade branding helps to protect worker’s rights, I have vowed to try and buy these products as and when I can.

I tried to explain to my daughter what Fairtrade was all about, but started talking about buying prices and working conditions and she just got confused. So my husband had a go and summed it up much more succintly:

“When we buy food in the supermarket it comes from lots of different places but it is made or packaged by people who work very hard. If these people are happy in their work then it is Fairtrade, and if they are unhappy, then it’s not”

It’s perhaps a little over-simplified but certainly ample for a 4 year old’s comprehension. I’m not sure I would do it justification with a longer explanation here, but if you’d like to know more, then visit the website: http://www.fairtrade.org.uk/
For information about fairtrade fortnight, look here: http://foncho.fairtrade.org.uk/



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