Easy Party Nibbles

It was our first Christmas in our own home this year so we were rather excited at the prospect of hosting a drinks party. I decided to make life easy and focus on small nibbles and canapes, but I wanted to create some canapes that the children might also enjoy. Strangely these two fairly luxurious choices went down well with both of my children and were also very easy for them to help assemble:

Melon bites with parma ham:

Smoked salmon blinis with philadelphia cream cheese:

I also prepared some cocktail sausages drizzled in honey and mustard, then covered in sesame seeds; mini oatmeal biscuits with a chunk of brie and cranberry sauce; olive biscuits with smoked trout pate and bruschetta.


For the dessert section I made my duo of mince pies and party meringues (see earlier posts). I did also succumb to making some sausage rolls for the kids as well and putting out a cheese plate, but it all went down well and it seems my daughter is now particularly fond of smoked salmon and parma ham. It’s good that she’s trying new things, but they won’t be on our weekday menu just yet!


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