Mighty Meatballs


My daughter actually requested this for dinner tonight when we were walking around the supermarket. These meatballs are astonishingly easy to make and seem to be a real winner with both of my children.

Find good quality minced turkey (500g). This is a much healthier option than beef and actually just as tasty. In a large bowl combine it with half an onion that has been finely diced, a large clove of garlic and a handful of each of the following fresh herbs (or a teaspoon of the dried versions): Basil, thyme, parsley, sage. If they are fresh, then they should be finely chopped first. Mix well with the turkey and add a little pinch of sea salt and some pepper to season, but not a lot as they don’t need it with the herbs. Take small pinches of the mixture and form it into small balls. Heat a few good lugs of Rapeseed oil (see Product highlight for more details) in a non-stick frying pan and then drop the meatballs into this. Turn the meatballs once they have started to brown on one side and cook for several more minutes. Once cooked, remove and drain the oil off by blotting onto some kitchen paper. Serve with spaghetti just as they are (my daughter’s preference) or with a chunky tomato sauce, such as the Tideford Organic Tomato and Basil sauce, which I can highly recommend, and parmesan cheese if you are feeling indulgent.


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